The Clinic Space

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Clinic.

The NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic, embedded within the Raleigh Founded Warehouse location in downtown Raleigh is the closest you’ll get to the entrepreneurship scene while still being in an official NC State space.


The Entrepreneurship Clinic is strategically placed with Raleigh Founded’s Warehouse location. In this space, Raleigh’s most promising startup founders and teams cowork, lease spaces, attend events, and engage with one another. As students in the Clinic, the chances of bumping into these individuals and building new relationships is high.


With access to open coworking spaces, conference rooms, and private meeting rooms, you’ll have plenty of room to engage with other students, founders, and community members.

Furthermore, being in the space will present you with opportunities to attend events being hosted by the Clinic, our partner RIoT, and Raleigh Founded.


Access to amenities like free coffee, tea, snacks, or to supplies and technology ranging from general office items like whiteboards and pens all the way to flatscreen TV’s, a Clinic Mac Mini station, and more, means you’ll have everything you need to execute on the work you want to complete.

Ready to visit the space?

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