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Clinic Classes

Where entrepreneurship students learn by working with real entrepreneurs.

Experiential Learning in the Clinic

The Entrepreneurship Clinic is centered on the pedagogy of experiential learning, emphasizing a hands-on approach where students actively engage in real-world entrepreneurial activities to acquire practical skills and knowledge.

The Entrepreneurship Clinic Experience

For Students

For students, the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic classes are an opportunity to get exposure to working with real entrepreneurs on the real problems they’re trying to address. Throughout the class you will be introduced to a company partner that you’ll work with throughout the semester to complete a project. The projects completed in the Clinic will help you develop and hone skills necessary in entrepreneurship and in your career in general.

For Company Partners

For company partners, the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic classes are an excellent opportunity to get a hand on projects your startup is facing while giving students the unique opportunity to develop and hone skills that will be applicable in their careers, and on any entrepreneurial projects they pursue. Participating with the Clinic is completely free, so our program tends to be an excellent opportunity for startup companies (and other sized companies) to get value added by our student teams while also helping develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and workers.

Get involved as a company partner

Choosing a Project Package

As mentioned above, part of applying for a Clinic project is selecting a project package. This is a new addition to the way we run our projects that helps define the scope and clarity of the projects completed by our students.Get involved as a company partner

The list of available project packages can be seen at this link. If you don’t see a project package that meets your company’s needs, we can work with you to customize a package that best fits your needs. Complete the application anyway, and mark the option for a custom package request at the end.