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About Us

Josh Guter, program manager at NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic

About us

The Entrepreneurship Clinic is currently directed by Haley Huie and its programs are managed by Josh Guter.

Both Haley and Josh are active in the entrepreneurship scene, beyond the scope of their jobs at NC State, and bring experience, knowledge, and practice to the founders and students they work with.

You can find more information about both of them below.

Haley Huie

Director, Entrepreneurship Clinic
Haley works with partner organizations to create projects within the Clinic to provide hands-on opportunities for students to apply entrepreneurial skills to create value for the NC State community community through the MIE 410, 418 and 419 courses that she teaches. In the summer, she runs the Andrews Launch Accelerator and spends the majority of her time in the community in order to support the local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through mentorship, venture coaching, service work and program delivery.

Outside of NC State, Haley owns and runs multiple businesses in the Raleigh / Triangle area, supports multiple programs and events related to entrepreneurship in the triangle, and is an active mentor and coach to multiple startups.

Haley Huie

Josh Guter, Program Manager

Program Manager, Entrepreneurship Clinic
Josh is responsible for maintaining and growing the Entrepreneurship Clinic as well as managing the programming that includes classes offered and the Andrews Launch Accelerator. He connects with companies in the Raleigh area and builds relationships with founders, mentors and investors all with the intention of making those connections accessible to the students in the Clinic.

Beyond his role at NC State, Josh is involved in helping support other entrepreneurs through early phases of customer discovery and demand validation, has launched (and continues to launch) startups of his own, and consults actively with existing startups on everything from early MVP development to product rendering and design.

Clinic Partners

As the Entrepreneurship Clinic continues to grow, maintaining relationships with certain key partners has been essential to our success. Learn more about the companies and organizations that have been impactful to the Clinic’s growth below.

Raleigh Founded offers shared workspaces for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators. Since the inception of the Entrepreneurship Clinic, Raleigh Founded has offered us spaces to operate within.

Learn more about them here.

RIoT Labs is a non-profit organization that focuses on economic development by capturing emerging markets and accelerating startups—creating IoT opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.

Throughout our growth, RIoT has offered advice, opportunities, and resources to the Clinic, and now share our space in the Raleigh Founded Warehouse location.

Learn more about them here.

Liles Law is a firm that’s focused on offering comprehensive legal serves to entrepreneurs in a simple and approachable way.

Liles Law offers discounted legal services to members of our Andrews Launch Accelerator. This opportunity has been essential to several of the founders in our program.

Learn more about them here.

Amazon Web Services has been a key partner for the Clinic when it comes to offering great benefits to our Andrews Launch Accelerator participants. AWS has enabled us to release up to $10k dollars in AWS credits to founders that participate in the ALA, and that qualify according to other terms and conditions.

Learn more about them here.