Entrepreneurship Clinic

NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic

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What is the Entrepreneurship Clinic?

Inspired by the hospital teaching model applied to entrepreneurship, the Clinic integrates research, teaching, and real-world experience. We provide students with the opportunity to work alongside the best startups and corporations while earning credit. Students get real-life experience and companies get to work with top interdisciplinary talent at NC State. Learn more about our classes here.

Furthermore, the Entrepreneurship Clinic hosts the Andrews Launch Accelerator, a startup accelerator program for recent NC State Graduates. Learn more here.

Who do we work with?


Students from all colleges at NC State get valuable experience by working with real companies on some of their most cutting edge projects. During your time at the Clinic, students work on 4-8 week sprints with real companies. These sprints will develop core entrepreneurial skills like opportunity analysis (410), all the way to more specific skills like marketing, product innovation and research, and more (418/419).

To learn more about how you can get involved with the Entrepreneurship Clinic as a student, you can apply here.

Mentors Program at Pendo


Companies have constant challenges to solve and not enough time to do so. Both startups and established companies come to the Clinic to get insights from bright student talent.

Students will dedicate time to learn how to navigate obstacles for the company and serve as independent work to overcome barriers in 4 to 8 week sprints. From marketing campaigns to product innovation and research, students tackle any kind of challenge. To get started, visit this page to learn more about the classes and apply for a project.

For companies that either don’t have the need for a student team, aren’t selected in their first application, or otherwise just want to get connected to the Clinic and it’s opportunities without committing to a project, becoming a member is the best way to get engaged. Learn more here.

Get in contact today.

We’re always looking for new chances to connect with interested students, companies, mentors, advisors, and anybody else who feels they may be able to provide more value to the Entrepreneurship Clinic. Feel free to reach out to the Clinic’s program manager, Josh Guter (jsguter@ncsu.edu) to get a conversation started.