What We Do


Housed in one of the Triangle’s largest co-working hubs, HQ Raleigh, Entrepreneurship Clinicians are immersed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. HQ Raleigh is home to over 200 new ventures, providing students with a massive startup network.


Students form diverse teams, based on the best mix of strengths, and act as consultants to partner companies. Partner companies, from early stage startups to scaling businesses, apply to the Clinic with specific business issues and needs. Student teams meet with company applicants, evaluate their weaknesses, and develop and execute a strategic action plan to help them solve a specific business need.


The Entrepreneurship Clinic’s mission is to produce the highest quality, entrepreneurial-minded students with the skills to make a big impact. To date, 1094 Clinicians have worked with over 450 startups. During that time, 15 student startups have emerged and are in flight. Through the integration of research, teaching and real world experience, the Entrepreneurship Clinic is making an impact in both the local startup scene and economy.

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