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Filling a new role is not only time consuming and expensive, but oftentimes reliant on surface-level data such as resumes and standard applications. Scoutr uses powerful data-driven technology that intuitively matches high-potential candidates to your open positions based on skills, experience, team culture fit, and workstyle. Candidates are then automatically ranked based on potential fit, so you can start interviewing right away. No sourcing or screening required.

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You’re more than your resume.

Scoutr gives employers a full-picture view of what you bring to the table, taking into account your skills, experience, work style, and even preferred team culture. Unlike standard job-search platforms that require hours of sifting through positions and filling out applications, Scoutr automatically cross-references your profile with every open job on the platform – matching you to positions that fit. By taking the application out of the equation, you have more time to do what matters: connecting with potential employers, preparing for interviews, and landing that dream job.

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