Clinic Minutes

Clinic Minutes

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a part of the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic? Clinic Minutes puts students and partner companies behind the camera to give you an inside look at all of the happenings within the eClinic. From company projects and student updates to clinic programs and memorable moments, Clinic Minutes will keep you up to date and in the know.

Gabriel Gonzalez | Mentorship Program

Senior, Gabriel Gonzalez, speaks to the impact that the new Entrepreneurship Mentors Program has had on him this semester.

Peiwei Li | Landing a Job

Senior Clinician, Peiwei Li, credits her full-time job offer to the unique set of skills that she learned through the Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Carl Kerchmar | Student Growth

NC State HiTEC Scholar and MBA Student, Carl Kerchmar, shares the professional growth he’s seen in students as a Graduate Assistant for the Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Jennifer DeClercq | Startup Inspirations

Senior Clinician and SKEMA student, Jennifer DeClercq, shares her experience working with a startup that aligns with her passions and the company she hopes to launch in France.

Jared Childs | The Entrepreneurial Cycle

NC State alum and Founder of Pitch & Primer, Jared Childs, discusses the journey from student to founder, and the impact the Entrepreneurship Clinic is making on the startup scene.

Jacob Burt | Cross-functional Exposure

Junior and Clinic Volunteer, Jacob Burt, talks about breaking down campus silos and working with engineers to solve problems for startups.