Mentors Program

One of the most critical aspects to foster engaged and embedded entrepreneurial students is a well-organized mentorship network. The goal of the Entrepreneurship Mentors Program is to accelerate the growth of our students through connections to a tribe of mentors. The Mentors Program focuses on:

  • Adding value for both the student and the mentor
  • Forming mentorships over time through social engagement
  • Creating long-lasting many-to-many relationships

Mentors Provide:

  • Experience and insight
  • Different strategies for how to approach problems
  • Connections to employers

Students Provide:

  • A fresh perspective on market trends and what consumers value
  • Understanding and access to new technologies
  • Alternative views about opportunities

How it works:

Our meetups take place once a month at high-growth ventures headquarters. There, we facilitate structured activities and open networking to enable all our members to build relationships. We also leverage eConnect to allow our members to connect online. On the platform, students ask questions and our algorithm matches it to the right advisors. It’s that easy.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Mentors Program, please >> Click Here.