NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic

The Clinic

Inspired by the hospital teaching model applied to entrepreneurship, the Clinic integrates research, teaching, and real-world experience. We provide students with the opportunity to work alongside the best startups and corporations while earning credit. Students get real-life experience and companies get to work with top interdisciplinary talent at NC State.

What We Do

Companies apply to develop projects. Students (Clinicians), enrolled in our classes, self-select projects and teams. After winning your project, they schedule an Initial Consultation. They create an Action Plan and kick off the project development process. The client-clinician engagement can last up to 8 weeks, but every project happens in 4-week sprints with weekly touch-points between the company and Clinicians. In the end, the Clinicians turn over deliverables to the partner company and a final presentation on how to execute the plan.

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The Entrepreneurship Clinic
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Students from any corner of the university can apply to engage in any Clinic program. Currently, the easiest way to engage is through one of our classes. Email us for more info:

“It has been one of the most beneficial pieces of my curriculum here at NC State. The real-world start up experience is priceless and I really feel like a more confident entrepreneur having been involved with the clinic” – Alex Milkes, Business major // Worked with Farmshots.


Companies have constant challenges to solve and not enough time. Both startups and established companies come to the Clinic to get insights from bright student talent. Students dedicate time to learn the obstacles for the company and serve as independent work to overcome barriers in 4-week sprints. From marketing campaigns to product innovation and research, students tackle any kind of challenge.

“The Clinic was an opportunity to connect the company with new talent. Students provide fresh ideas to problems we wrestle with on the day to day. The presentations/projects are well thought out, deeply researched, and displayed beautifully” – Leigh Debevec, Global Product Specialist at Lee

Work With Us ➜