Clinic Partners

Entrepreneurship Clinic Partners

The NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic works with a variety of different people, groups, and companies. On this page, we’re highlighting some of our most impactful partners.

Raleigh Founded

Raleigh Founded has been a long term partner of the Clinic. They’ve been absolutely essential to our success, providing us with an amazing space to embed students in.

Visit them here.

Fourscore Business Law

Fourscore Law has been instrumental in providing entry level pro bono work to the startups in the Andrews Launch Accelerator, and others involved heavily with the Clinic.

Visit them here.

Liles Law

Venus Liles, the founder and managing attorney of Liles Law, works closely with our Andrews Launch Accelerator. She’s offered free initial consultations to members of our cohort, from there she guides them in the right direction or provides services dependent on their needs.

Visit Liles Law here.

Neo IP

Neo IP is an intellectual property law firm with a data-driven, holistic approach for creating IP assets. Pairing our founders with firms like Neo IP is essential to helping them best prepare to enter the market with proper IP protection.

Visit them here.