NC State Acceleration Fund Recipients



Hi-LUM, Inc. is an early stage technology startup focused on improving underwater wireless communication. The company is commercializing an underwater optical modem based on a technology developed and patented by North Carolina State University.  Hi-LUM offers high speed wireless data transmission that will enable efficient communications underwater.  The founders have backgrounds in operations and engineering and met in The Entrepreneurship Collaborative (TEC) program in the Jenkins MBA department at North Carolina State University. The company is currently seeking investors and industry experts to partner in their efforts.  For more information please contact Zach Williams at


Medicom is revolutionizing the way patient information is transferred. Medicom’s all­-in-­one transfer solution eliminates the need for traditional transfer methods, such as compact discs, virtual private networks, and cloud solutions for exchanging patient information. Physicians and radiologists can now transfer patient data securely and efficiently. Medicom provides the fastest image transfer protocol possible; intuitive user interface simplifying workflow in medical facilities; highest level of security available; and unlimited file size.

The proprietary peer-­to-­peer system reduces the cost and risk associated with outdated techniques, and simplifies image sharing by being hardware free and easy to use.


“There are few situations more stressful then trying to keep eyes on 30+ young children at once! Five students at NC State are collaborating to alleviate this occupational stress for childcare workers by introducing their new product, SuperViZE. SuperViZE is a group supervision solution that aims to help childcare workers keep track of their kids. SuperViZE is a system of clips with locking mechanisms that sync to an app on a supervisor’s smartphone. The children easily put the clips on themselves, then the locking mechanism is engaged by the supervisor via the app. The supervisor can then set boundaries for what are safe, risky, and danger zones for the kids. The clips transmit the children’s locations via bluetooth technology and maps them in the app. If the kids wander too far from the supervisor, the clips will buzz and beep at both the child and supervisor.

The team has conducted research with over 20 childcare workers to create a user-friendly product, and has presented their business plan in many competitive forums. Their accolades include 1st place in Innovate Carolina, 2nd place and Judges Choice as a B-Corp in the Lulu eGames, and 1st place and People’s Choice in the Poole College of Management Innovation Showcase.  As recipients of the Andrew’s Launch Accelerator, SuperViZE is partnering with the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative to get their product to market. The student entrepreneurs are excited and motivated by their goals of increasing childcare safety and making a difference in the lives of supervisors.”


TrackED is a mobile, education tracking platform for professionals and a resource epicenter for employers, education vendors, and regulatory boards. Its unique functionality allows professionals to easily track credits, register for events, and renew professional licenses. Co-founders Christian Matthews and Nick Ramirez met during MBA school at NC State and as very few professional engineers in the program, they quickly realized they had more things in common than they had initially thought. Recognizing the opportunity at hand, their diverse backgrounds, and their common goal in mind, they ventured to start this company and never looked back. TrackED: Professional licenses live here.