Meet Our 2021 Batch

It’s been a couple of weeks. Our typical break before the summer. With that said, we are already full steam ahead. We have a summer session planned for the Clinic and the Andrews Launch Accelerator is officially rolling (pic below).

This was by far the most competitive year. We broke our previous record of submissions. It wasn’t only the numbers that increased, but the quality of the businesses. Some very promising companies didn’t make it through this time. But that is part of the journey and an amazing indicator that the potential for NC State startups is only increasing.

Today, we’ll share a bit about the teams that made it into Andrews 2021, and promise to do deeper dives on each team over the next few weeks.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”

Desmond Tutu


In alphabetical order:

  1. Casalú – Casalú is a rum-based seltzer brand that aims to create an authentic consumer experience for the growing Latino audience in the U.S. in contrast to players like High Noon and White Claw.
  2. Docable – Docable is a next-generation interactive notebook. It makes teaching advanced computer science skills possible, by providing an online platform for publishing and presenting content.
  3. ELLES – ELLES is a premium medical apparel direct-to-consumer brand, taking a sustainable yet stylish approach to outfitting our frontlines.
  4. Flux Hybrids – Flux Hybrids has developed an aftermarket conversion technology that can make any vehicle into a plug-in hybrid.
  5. Rella Social – A platform that connects influencers with brands and helps them monetize and manage their engagement.

So there you have them. If you have domain expertise or adjacent connections for any of those teams, please hit reply and I’ll introduce accordingly.

Ok some content now:

✏️ Angela on Grit – podcast

✅ Seven Powers

🦄 Lessons on growth

🌴 Matthew Ball on ‘Entertainment’ Companies

📈 Shein: The TikTok of Ecommerce


The Scoop

React is trending apparently:

Sleephawk Worldwide is looking for a podcast production intern.

You know what to do, just reply and I’ll share the details.