Stay The Course

Hello team,

I received a text from my sister yesterday. She’s a doctor up in Cleveland and texted me and my brother “take care, cases are getting worse and spiking like never before”. What I got from that message was really more like “stay the course and you’ll be fine”.

It made me think exactly about that. How do we stay the course if we’ll be in this mess for a little longer? In my case, it comes down to new ideas and new ways of doing things. For some reason that gives me energy and keeps me sane. The hunger stays alive. Anything is fair game so in this upcoming Thanksgiving break that may be a good place to spend our time.

Something in my gut tells me that the end of the tunnel is near. So this episode is a reminder to stay the course. Keep doing the right things and everything will work out.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them”

  • David Allen

Top 5

🎂 You’ve probably watched Chef’s Table on Netflix. If you have not, what are you doing?! Anyway, it’s one of the best-produced shows on Netflix and the stories are a deep insight into the lives of creatives and how they express their art through food. In one of the most-watched episodes, they feature the Alinea, recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world. In the latest Invest Like the Best episode, Alinea’s co-founder shows a side of the story not shown on Chef’s Table. It’s about the business as a complement to the art. Please listen to “Know What You Are Selling”.

💰 I’m a big fan of first-time founders. Ignorance is a virtue (sometimes). The problem is that you learn things the hard way. You truly have to be a sponge to absorb the required knowledge to execute pretty quickly. Drop’s story is a testament to the risks and upsides of having to learn the hard way in “Advice for The First-time Startup Founder”.

🎯 One of my favorite marketing concepts is the bullseye approach. Try many marketing methods and double-down on the ones that work, moving closer to the best one (bullseye). However, with our environment accelerating and changing so fast the different channels keep evolving. But you can start with these “15 Acquisition Channels”.

📓 “Power Law for Professors” is a dissection of the three components a successful high-growth company needs. The post aims at the need to go all-in to make it happen and why that’s crucial, especially for those living in academia.

🌳 There’s too much negativity and too many problems in the news and our feeds. The solution? Well, solutions-oriented journalism is a start. Give info on the problem and a good note on how to solve the issue. That’s what Jemina Kiss is doing with climate change.


The next cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP), which will be the second to be based in Wilson (though in practice it will be mostly virtual) is taking applications. The application deadline is Dec. 21.

The Scoop

Sanjay Choudry

Are you a student with experience building iOS prototypes on Adobe XD? Reach out to Sanjay – He is looking to collaborate on a startup project.

ArenaCX (Bandwidth’s new spinout) – Front-End Developer

ArenaCX is transforming how customer service leaders engage and manage labor to create customer experiences that are fully aligned with consumer expectations and drive business outcomes. ArenaCX’s network of integrated contact centers aims to make it seamless for businesses to access the amount of support they need on demand. ArenaCX’s network is supported by powerful software, which allows healthy competition to flourish and businesses to react in near-real-time to observable improvements in business metrics.  The software has native forecasting capabilities and dashboarding that gives support leaders total control over their operations.

Check out the company here. Email me for details on this position (not publicly posted yet).

Indie Consulting – Internship

Indie Consulting is a data-driven marketing consultancy composed of thinkers and doers who aim to optimize people and programs. We work with a wide range of clients from enterprise organizations to start-ups in the growth phase, primarily in the CPG space.

To learn more, visit our website at Indie Consulting.

Role: Content & Partnerships Intern

Time commitment: 8 hours a week

Initial contract: 4 months (January 2021 – April 2021)

Pay: $15/hr


Content, Research, Marketing.

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to


One of the hottest startups in town is looking for a Front-End developer. Learn more here.