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Hello team,

We are approaching the end of the semester at NC State. It’s a great time to reset. There have been some great news for business and for overcoming this pandemic lately. Let’s stay focused and keep pushing.

“A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don’t have the guts to try it.”
― Phil Mickelson

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Top 5

⛳️ The Masters is around the corner. It wil be played without fans and with the expected revenue decline. The Masters is one of the most secretive events when it comes to its organization. Luckily, a new regular here, Joe Pompliano, breaks down the economics of the event and how this year’s conditions affect those. Give it a read in “The Masters: Leaving Over $200M Behind”.

🦄 Venture capitalists seem to be particularly excited about the results of the election. The main reason comes down to the expected impact on clean energy investing and internet infrastructure development (5G). On the latter one, Visual Capitalist highlights the roadmap that 5G will follow and the benefits that may be around the corner. IoT founders, rejoice. “5G: The Next Generation of Mobile Connectivity”.

🍚 Ghost Kitchens are one of those models accelerated by Covid. One of our amazing student teams has been doing heavy research validating that they are here to stay. The problem: each ghost kitchen cannot be more different from another. The dominant players are Miami-based REEF, which just raised 700MM from Softbank, Cloudkitchens and Kitchen United. The conclusion is that they are still in the very early days without a clear overall direction, so don’t let the headlines trick you. Take a dive in “The Rise of Ghost Kitchens and the Impact on Contactless Delivery”.

🧐 It’s so easy to lose track of goals and get confused with all the metrics peope are telling you to track. Lenny breaks down what SaaS companies should be tracking and how. I hope this one gives helps you set those KPIs. “The most important bottom-up SaaS metrics to track (and how to best visualize them)”.

💰 Ever wonder how a Billion dollar acquisition happens? Sriram Krishnan shares the factual account of the Facebook-Instagram acquisition. Take a look at Mark and Kevin’s exchange.


Applications for the RBPC are Now Open

Join the world’s richest and largest graduate student startup event. Apply in one of 5 sectors, get insight into what investors look for in a venture, dive into the entrepreneurship ecosystem, fine-tune your message to reach over 250 judges and 1,000 attendees and compete for more than $1 million in prizes!

NC State Liquid Rocketry Lab

Looking to join the NC State team launching a rocket to outer space? The VP of Business is responsible for organizing and managing small tactical teams that work on various business endeavours such as marketing, fundraising, accounting, outreach and others. They would work closely with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure we are raising the necessary funds to construct a liquid fueled rocket to launch to the edge of space. No engineering background needed.

The Scoop


Remote, Marketing internship for Winter Break 2020 (PAID) 

FeedStation is seeking a part-time Intern to work with our leadership team to support marketing, sales, and/or customer success. This Intern will be expected to contribute 200 hours between November 30th and January 15th. Future opportunities may be available.

As an Intern with FeedStation, you will have the opportunity to :

  • Create customer case studies
  • Develop new sales collateral
  • Contribute blog content to company website
  • Launch/expand social media presence
  • Develop competitive analysis
  • Create new Google Analytics dashboards
  • Launch FeedStation’s Customer Knowledge Base/FAQ
  • Research & develop new pricing models

And other tasks that combine your interests with company needs.

Remote, Computer Science internship for Winter Break 2020

FeedStation is seeking a part-time Intern to work with our leadership team to develop new, innovative tools to support eCommerce sellers. This Intern will be expected to contribute 200 hours between November 30th and January 15th. Future opportunities may be available.

As an Intern with FeedStation, you will have the opportunity to ship product. An example would be developing apps on shopping carts (Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce) and marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart) that better manage and extract critical product and order data. Independence and ownership would be key features of this internship.

Why FeedStation 

FeedStation is a fast-growing startup based in Chapel Hill, NC. As an intern with FeedStation, you will contribute meaningful work, knowledge, and expertise that will be leveraged by the FeedStation team. Our expectation is that each intern will complete a minimum of one project that can be used for future portfolios.

About FeedStation

FeedStation is a growth-stage, rapid-scale startup that is breaking the mold for eCommerce technology solutions. FeedStation is the only end-to-end eCommerce solution that provides custom eCommerce automations to address complex business challenges in data-centric industries. Our company is rooted in design thinking, agile methodologies, exceptional customer service, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn more about our company at

Please send inquiries and resumes to, including a brief description of why you are interested in this opportunity. Please use the subject “Winter 2020 Developer Internship.”

Rex Health Ventures

Analyst position open.  Please share the post with any qualified applicants.  Key responsibilities include reviewing pitch decks, maintaining CRM, financial and market analysis, presentation creation, website upkeep, and internal diligence with health system subject matter experts.  Check the posting here.


Allobee is looking to hire a software engineer salary starting at 90k + benefits. Check out the description here.

Flow Traders

Whether you’re into finance, trading, software development, or even poker, you have an opportunity to put your skills to work at a principal trading firm. If you’re passionate about trading and technology, you’ll find success.

Flow Traders specializes in providing liquidity in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) around the globe and is expanding into other asset classes such as Cryptocurrency. Launch your career in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment, where each day brings complex challenges.

This Fall, Uncubed and Flow Traders have joined forces to bring you fast-tracked access to an entry-level trading role starting September 2021.

The Uncubed x Flow Traders 2020 Finalist Program guarantees that your application is reviewed by a human, shortlists you for recruiter review, and fast-tracks you for assessment – all while giving you a team to reach out to with any questions.

Apply here.

That’s all friends. See you soon and stay positive. Work hard and have empathy and everything will always get better.