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“You die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

  • Harvey Dent

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Top Five

✍️ Billionaires. For some, modern day heroes. For others, modern day barons. It’s a hard conversation. But at the end of the day, maybe it’s not about their money, but what they do with it. Can we find common ground? We can start with “The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke”.

🔢 Typical investor math preaches that 1/10 investments are successful. If we look at the broader spectrum that includes all sources of capital (grants, angel, venture, debt…) then the numbers probably look more like 1/20, at least. But why? Joe Procopio does an amazing job at breaking it down in “Why Venture Capital Investors Are Usually Wrong About Startups”. He covers the intangibles investors miss and the role you need someone in the company to play to increase your odds.

📈 We’ve talked in length about Streaming Wars. A few years ago Mark Suster gave an opinion that changed the way we looked at the different players, from the rocket ship (Netflix) to the elephant in the room (Amazon). However, with the data we have 4 years later, it seems clear that original content and first-mover advantage give Netflix major strength. At the same time, distribution managers like Roku have surprising leverage on the game. I think we can go from Streaming Wars to Streaming Consolidation very soon. Today, Mark Cuban shared an overview that gives us all the numbers in “Are Stream Wars a Fallacy?”.

💰 “Founders need to focus on identifying and building the unique features that unlock their specific vertical category”. That’s the advice A16Z gives to address vertical offerings. The team explores a growing space in tech: jobs & hiring. They cover key concepts in their guide ‘Deep’ Job Platforms and How to Build Them.

⏱ In this week’s productivity post, doctor and YouTuber, Ali Abdaal shares his stack in “The Double Life of Productivity’s Most Famous Doctor”. It’s a deep dive into his framework.


1- Mentor Meetup tonight! Check out one of our mentors through his awesome story he shared with GrepBeat in this week’s ExitStories.

2- Innovate Raleigh Tickets are officially out there. If you are a student, please email me I can help with tickets (first-come, first-serve).


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One of the hottest startups in town is looking for a Front-End developer. Learn more here.


Seeking a Fall semester interns who are looking to improve their skills in any combination of the following areas:

  1. Social Media Content Creation + Management
  2. Digital Community Management + Email Marketing
  3. Full-Stack Development / Engineering (see tech stack below)

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